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See All Your Inventories

Locations of your inventory, status of inventory, platforms they are listed on, and performance stats showing the time your inventory takes to get from statuses.

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Products You Purchase

Deals you want to buy, target price points, units sourced per deal, performance stats on who provided you the goods. The answer to the question, is it worth buying more?

Purchase Orders

Manage your PO's

All your outstanding PO's from your vendors, to efficiently track the monies transitioning to product. Payment terms shown on your PO's. Estimated delivery dates so your staff know what to expect.


Sales Orders

Manage Your Sales

View all aspect of items you wholesale, track easily which clients owe you, or what to expect next week.


Services You Provide

Manage your 3PL customers invoicing, payments and to-do lists. Easily set up your fee structures and share with your customers to see what you see.



Warehouse Receiving

Mouse-less receiving for warehouse staff to easily receive packages in under a minute. Errors with receiving can trickle to so many bigger issues down the road. See performance stats, any products flagged on a receipt as damaged....


Outbound of Goods

Easily record any outbound shipment with simple scanning. Leave the clerical portion out of the warehouse. Labels for items and carrier easily printed.



Customer Returns

Where the money all seems to be drained to. Our flow allows you to receive and verify goods seamlessly, flag any issues, grade, categorize and process any returns to vendors. Know how much money you have in all of your statuses of returned goods.   


Vendor Management

A ledger showing you timelines of what's due and how much. Allowing you to know your cash available to make an informed decision of you can afford to buy, and to keep your vendors happy.



A/R Info

When can you expect your monies owed to you by Amazon/Walmart/eBay? Put together with your Payables and you have your cash flow.


Labor Effectiveness

We track the beginning of your capital investment in products until you get paid, so we can tell you along each step how long it takes, to know your turnover, or how long can you expect to see your investment in product turn into money in the bank.

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