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Built By a Fellow Decade-long Ecommerse Seller -
For the Seller!

A WMS/ERP resembling system with

the goal to tell you at any given moment where your money is.

We all know how to find deals,

grow our revenue,

comply with the intricacies of Amazon and co.,

wear 100 hats,

and adapt to every single change. 

However, an unlimited amount of software

for this industry has been built

Our Objective Was Different. 

We built a system that encapsulated the business from the Seller’s mindset :




Is It

Shown in Inventory at FBA? 


Sold and pending? 

being transferred?

Inbound to amazon and not yet received?

Inbound from your supplier?


Did you confirm what your supplier billed you as you received?

Returned to your supplier for customer complaints?

Money was refunded to the customer, but where is your product?

Removal from amazon created but did you get it?

How much are your payables, receivables, inventories at your locations....?

We Are Here To Assist

With a UX designed by and for the Seller,
we can capture the inbound and outbound from your warehouse and record the transactional data from your finances.

Unlike existing WMS & ERP systems

We Cater to the Seller

Integrating with the most commonly used platforms

that creates the actual listing and PPC management

in order to bring in the data and show how it affects your ROI.

We are here for the businesses that sell

FBA, MF, Walmart, eBay, wholesalers, 3PL, and outside buyers.

We want this knowledge.

Data allows us to make effective decisions with our money and time.

The Quickbooks For Ecommerce. 

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